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Staff search on Koh Samui

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Thais don't like to travel too far, locate a business near you and ask there staff, do they have any friends or family that want to work, and always let them know the salary, if it's more than they are getting they might leave their job and will work for you.

If you get good staff, treat them good, give them all the tips, and don't expect them to be as good as western staff, because they are not

I once employed a girl in my business and in the afternoons we were not busy, so wifey and I went shopping one day and I asked my one staff who had nothing to do while I am gone can you clean the back of the door in the kitchen, when I got back she did one of the doors and not the other, and I asked her why had she not done it, she said, I didn't think you wanted that door done!

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