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Ex-AI boss says public has right to see evidence in teen activist’s killing


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Ex-AI boss says public has right to see evidence in teen activist’s killing 
By The Nation


BANGKOK: -- Authorities must show the public the evidence that justifies the Army’s claim that the extra-judicial killing of Lahu teen activist Chaiyapoom Pasae at a military checkpoint in Chiang Mai was necessary, an activist said on Friday.


Chamnan Chanruang, the Chiang Mai-based former chairman of Amnesty International Thailand, said his call especially related to CCTV recordings of the incident in Chiang Dao district last Friday.


Third Army Area 3 chief Lt-General Wijak Banpasop claimed the recordings showed 17-year-old Chaiyapoom resisting soldiers in the performance of their duty.


Chamnan said the probe was necessary to determine if the officers over-reacted.


He said the case had attracted massive attention locally and internationally, so transparency was key. 


The Army said the killing of Chaiyapoom was an act of self-defence after the teen allegedly pulled out a knife and a hand grenade. 


The Army described him as a suspected drug trafficker, alleging 800 methamphetamine tablets were found in his car following the shooting.


In response to the drug dealing allegation, Chamnan said the case should be investigated fairly based on available evidence.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/news/national/30310143

-- © Copyright The Nation 2017-03-24
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1 hour ago, Srikcir said:

He couldn't decide which to use?

If someone is close enough to consider using a knife, a hand grenade is self-inflicting.

Sounds phony.

Then there was the silly bit about aiming for the young man's arm.  Why would they say that when deadly force would have been justified ?  There is a lot of beating around the bush here. 

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A lone, defenceless teenager shot in the arm by a military weapon while under close control by military security officers just happens to suffer a mortal wound at close range "by accident". Yeah, sure. The military authorities seem to think it's more important to demonise this youngster than to actually ensure it determines the truth of his death. It would be nice to think the military would prefer ordinary Thai citizens to have some human and civil rights while they're still alive.

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It's all very simple. If you have the CCTV footage that shows he's in the wrong, you show it straight away. Story over. 


If you say you have the footage but won't show it, you're clearly 100% lying. There's no reason not to show it if you're in the right. 





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