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Rental apartment or house in Chanthaburi


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Good day


New thread as others seem to be archived.


We are looking to rent a property, room or house, in Chanthaburi city or perhaps Tha Chalaerp, have flexibility in location.


Now looking to get just a one month rental. Interested to maybe buy in the area so it's a recon mission.


Anyone with hints on places available thay could fit this request, your reply would be appreciated.




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Hi. I'd suggest a hotel or resort in/near the city.

When we moved here 2011 we based ourselves out of the city, at Chao Lao, relax at the beach after another day's house-hunting. Then another day searching, asking locals. Should be able to negotiate a lower rate if you book for a month. 

I've had many requests over the years re accommodation, am yet to find a commercial rental business, tends to be a sign at the gate, in a cafe or shop window, or occasionally a long-term rental will come up on the bahtsold.com site

Tha Chalaep/Chalaeb is an ok area, popular route for our cycle group rides from the city as being a long no-exit over last 7km it's safer from traffic in evenings; easy drive to Chan city. Interesting area historically, as is Samet Ngam directly across the river.

Best wishes for the move


The riverside park at The Chalaep



Chanthaburi not always the easiest place to get around, highway signs shown here Tha Chalaep towards Chan city


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Thanks MSteen


I have seen many of your posts on Chanthaburi the past few years, appreciate all the good information you provide.


We have found a few places in the city, and will go have a look and pick one. 


I choose the the city as I want to have a feel for it, and I have found staying there often that almost every spot in the province is an hour or less away, so it will allow us to hang out there and load up the bikes for day trips to Chao Lao, kitchikhut, soi dap, khao Chamao, tha Chalaep etc etc


thanks for your info. I will update on what we find.



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