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Ministry pushes fortnightly pay in Cambodia


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The Labor Ministry is encouraging employers, with the support of unions, to implement article 116 of the Labor Law, which requires owners of enterprises and factories to pay their workers twice a month. Fa Saly, the president of the National Trade Union Confederation, told Khmer Times yesterday it was good the ministry decided employers must pay workers twice a month to protect them from being abandoned by employers who owe them wages.

He said he supports and encourages employers to implement article 116 of the Labor Law. Workers can receive a tax exemption when their wages are paid twice monthly, he added. Pav Sina, the president of the Collective Union of Movement of Workers, said yesterday he did not oppose the ministry’s decision as the law was created in 1997, although he has never seen it implemented.

He said the ministry decided to change the way workers were paid as some factories had closed recently with the owners escaping without paying employees, which resulting in worker protests to demand wages and other lost benefits. “I want the ministry and other relevant institutions to broadcast this point to the workers, especially the unions, so they understand,” he said.


read more http://www.khmertimeskh.com/news/36951/ministry-pushes-fortnightly-pay/


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