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United Airlines removes engaged couple traveling to wedding from plane


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4 minutes ago, dick dasterdly said:

Yes, it would have been easy from the cabin crew to ensure that the wedding passengers had access to their booked seats.


I'm assuming that they did this and the passengers refused to move back to those seats - instead insisting that they'd pay more for the upgraded seats, which wasn't possible after boarding when their allocated seats were available.


In which case there is no "accommodation" other than allowing the passengers to (deliberately and successfully) take over more expensive seats without any redress.


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16 minutes ago, dazzz said:

yes sorry never read correctly . They would never allow you to change seats until after take off for safety and security reasons.
 I flew from bbk to london on kuwait airlines with 1 stop in kuwait . BKK to kuwait ok  but wailting in kuwait for 2 hours in the middle of the night with a young american woman was scary . Lots of bad looks and stares and i admit i was nervous . On the kuwait to london leg  i was surrounde by arabs who all stared at me constantly and were spitting and throwing food and rubbish  on the floor etc . I asked the stewardess if i could change a seat and was told not allowed until after take off .
 After take off she took me and the american girl to the back of the plane , lots of empty seats and we had a row each . So the rules are you have to stay in your designated seat until after take off

If there are empty seats in the economy section giving passengers the opportunity of more space, its always a race once the 'seatbelts must be fastened' lights go out to see who gets there first in my experience!  Very funny to watch.

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1 minute ago, rockingrobin said:

So the wedding couple are saying that they returned to their designated seats and the cabin crew are saying they refused and/or kept returning to the more expensive seats....


I'm more inclined to believe the crew in this case as the passenger says 'we couldn't see any reason why there would be a problem sitting a few rows ahead' - whereas the website states that economy plus seats have more leg-room.....

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