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Roof Builders - Buriram


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I have a small project where I wish to cover the backyard with a roof so that it can be usable during rain season.  Nothing too fancy.

I'm looking for some recommendations on who can build the roof and where I can get the materials.  If I can get both from a single source/company that would be great.


Thank you kindly.

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Also, anyone know what the normal wage per day is for construction labourers?


Someone quoted me 50,000 THB for building out the roof (labour only) no walls, just some poles to keep the roof up.


I'm thinking they are having a laugh :P

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Have a chat to Pichai or Bob out at Ruangsangthai hardware store.


They sell roofing material as well as all the associated stuff to put it up.


I believe they do have a list of builders that you could contact,


They are located on the 2074 across the road from the Buriram PEA office.


50K sounds a bit rude (depending on size of course)


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