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No more quick checkout at Family Mart


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I stopped shopping at Tops a while ago as the 1 card issue caused consistently by every punter in front gave me checkout rage especially in express checkout. One card mai? Neung Sam Song Neung.. .. .. , whoops more than a 1 word per seconds, let's restart, and again, hmm I'd dig out my phone and try and find it, bear with me.. 


Now it's Family Mart asking every punter even those buying a water. Holding out my friends at 7/11 dont start this non-sense, I like to be in and out in less than a few minutes, and you can charge 20% more per item if you wish.. 




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Well I have the one card and if you have the actual card with you it's just a simple scan. Turns out most thai do not carry it with them at all times, so they have to use their ID card number ..

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I don't see the problem.  At Tops, Rim Ping, etc, my phone number is tied to the their cards.  I just rattle off my phone number, in Thai as I saw most Thai people doing when I first moved here.  Quicker than fumbling around in my wallet looking the blasted card and it motivated me to learn  Thai numbers and work with my tutor to pronounce them correctly.

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