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Pattaya Export - LCL Sea Freight to UK


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We're are looking to palletize and export products from Thailand (Pattaya, Chonburi area) - it would be LCL sea freight. We currently export using the FedEx Express 25kg Boxes (an amazing service that arrives at final destination in the UK within 3 working days). However, as we are now sending batches of these boxes back at a time it makes sense to begin sending pallets.


Type of Products: Small bottles (mainly plastic, some glass) and tubes of non-hazardous liquids and creams.

Source: Makro


Option1 (preferred) - An export company that would:


  1. Collect products from Makro
  2. Pack products in to wooden crates
  3. Pack the crates on to a single pallet
  4. Ship the pallet (LCL) by sea freight, door to door, to the UK


Option 2 - Self packing and using FedEx


  1. A location in Pattaya (daily rental, self storage?) with easy access for moving/loading pallets where we could pack products in to wooden crates ourselves
  2. Palletize the crates ready for collection
  3. FedEx could collect


Any and all help thankfully received!



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Did you ask the Fed EX office ?


We bought a 500KG used machine in Sri Lanka off Ebay ,


But our deal was that they crate it , deliver to local Fed EX office ,

they would inspect that it was a machine  and not a box of rocks ,

Once Fed EX had it and inspected it we were informed and transferred the payment.

Fed EX sent it by Sea to us in the USA


So Fed EX can also be your agent.....they are trusted by most companies


So if you are not in Thailand , they can maybe crate it for you , and ship


if you are local they probably know people close by that  has room so you can pack it yourself.


Do they give you discount for sending so many of the 25KG boxes ?







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