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Car body repairs


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Hi all


Can anyone recommend any reliable car body repair places in Chiang Mai, preferably south of the city if possible (as far out as Hang Dong)? We got hit in the rear yesterday and need to sort out the back of our Vios. It's a straightforward insurance job so quality is more of a concern than price.


Thanks a lot.

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It's worth checking to see the cost of repairs at dealerships, they are frequently not as expensive as you might think - I had bodywork & paint done at Toyota Lanna and it was cheaper than two of the private quotes I received and the quality was brilliant.

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We were recently referred by Ton at Pro Auto to Deng Klon Pratu (แดงกลอนประตู). They are a large shop that sells a lot of aftermarket gear and does modifications and body work. I was impressed by how quickly they got the job done, though it remains to be seen how long their paint job will hold up. But given the source of the recommendation, the quality should be reasonable. 



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