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Wanna Cry: Thai government warns users of suspicious emails


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Wanna Cry: Thai government warns users of suspicious emails





BANGKOK: -- Thailand’s government on Monday warned internet users about opening emails and attachments from unknown sources.


The warning came as officials from the Office of Information and Communication Technology confirmed that some organisations in Thailand had been infected with the Wanna Cry ransomware.


The ransomware, which started targeting computers running Microsoft Windows on Friday, has infected more than 230,000 computers around the world hitting businesses, schools, car factories and hospitals. In the UK some hospitals were forced to turn away patients as a result of the ransomware on computer systems.


In China, some 29,000 institutions had been infected in the ransomware attack.


Thailand seems to have escaped the worst of the attack, however, around 200 computers in the country are now said to been infected with Wanna Cry, with that number expected to rise in the coming days.


On Monday evening Prime Minister Prayuth confirmed that no government agency had been affected by the ransomware.


Full story: http://tech.thaivisa.com/wanna-cry-thai-government-warns-users-of-suspicious-emails/21664/


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