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Unbranded SD Cards

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I have a Lazada voucher I have to spend and the only thing I can think about that I need is a Micro SD Card.


Then when I search I notice that I can have 2 unbranded ones for the price of 1 of the cheapest branded cards


Are they to be trusted, or just to avoid?


I'm talking about 32Gb Class 10 cards

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Not all unbranded are crap but when it comes to sd cards and reliability which you need, so you dont lose all your docs and pictures ect (i have as most do a cloud storage and auto back up everything on my sd cards. I generally go for samsung ive found them to be totally reliable just got 2 from Lazada 64gb class 10 evo,  for dash cams. And have samsung sd in all our phones and pads.

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May be I should have been a bit more clear.


I have a 300 Baht voucher which I have to spent this week.


As I said I can't think of anything I now need, and which I would want to order from Lazada, other than a Micro sd card and even that I will use only occasionally as I prefer USB drive for that purpose.


So if no unbranded, which I understand will rather be a miss than a hit, I would go for the cheapest branded which are Kingston.


Is Kingston any decent?



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Lazada has very good prices on SanDisk but check the different vendors, some are double the price of others. I have found after many SD cards used that SnDisk and Transcend are the best, would not buy unbranded or unfamiliar.

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