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Cambodia’s ‘fragile’ decade: Kingdom ranked poorly in stability index


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With the ruling party ominously invoking the possibility of war as elections draw near, a new index suggests the Kingdom is indeed at risk of instability – not thanks to outside challenges to the CPP, but to the government’s own opacity and lack of accountability.


The Fragile States Index’s annual ranking of countries draws on a combination of qualitative and quantitative data covering a range of social, economic and political factors to measure the stability of 178 countries.


Published by Washington, DC-based nonprofit Fund For Peace, the report scores countries and gives them a status of “sustainable”, “stable”, “warning” or “alert”. The Kingdom this year ranked 50th-most fragile on the list, with a “high warning” status, scoring poorly in indicators that evaluate the legitimacy of elections, as well as the transparency and accountability of government.


read more http://www.phnompenhpost.com/national/cambodias-fragile-decade-kingdom-ranked-poorly-stability-index


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8 hours ago, Penicillin said:

....and last week Phnom Penh was such a great place to invest.

A. it's not just PP, it's the whole country - the economical indicators are clear, Cambodia is a powerhouse in that aspect.

B. Long term vs. short or medium term investment - obviously one's focus should be on the medium to long term.

C. this too shall pass. I asked around, neither Okhnas nor international investors are very much concerned by the upcoming election.

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