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Live music venues in Chiang Mai


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As a part time resident of Chaing Mai over the last four years I have always looked forward to catching some live music on my visits. Apart from the fabulous North Gate I have found it difficult to find venues that offer exciting and vibey music.  Again,  that is more than likely down to my own stupidity as I have no doubt there is great music to be heard in this city.

If you know any venues and are prepared to spill the beans it would be much appreciated and am prepared to shout the beer for the night in return for the info i.e. should you wish to accompany us.

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A few i know .Boy blues Bar at the night bazaar .The Reggie bar by the iron bridge ,town side .Also players just 50 meters from there .Another one on Thape gate road ,and near T.PG ,whose name i forget .

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I don't know the "Reggie" bar, but The Roadhouse further along towards Narawat Bridge is now closed and I'm not sure anyone's playing at the Players Bar (opposite the Downunder Pub in Loi Kroh Road) at the moment. But yes, Boy's Blues Bar is still going strong and I believe the Euro Bar in Anusarn Night Market music has live music. Then there's Papa Rock (Hang Dong) on the other side of the road to Big C with the "Sunday Sesh" jam . Yummy Pizza ( Hang Dong) still have an enthusiastic jam night (with pro musicians) on Wednesday nights. Then there's a small blues band at El Patio (Nimmanhaemin, soi 11) on Friday and Saturday nights and the same band again at Street Pizza (Changklan Road) on Sunday nights. There's also the relatively new Hard Rock cafe in Loi Kroh Road (Near Burger King and McDonalds). I think they have live music 3 or 4 nights each week and there's the "Battle of the Bands" final on the 24th May


Very popular is CU Corner (Moon Muang, Soi 1), with live music every nights (except Sunday). Then there's the Jazz Cafe in Changklan Road with music almost every night. On Saturday mornings a Thai guy plays nice acoustic guitar at the Chiang Mai Breakfast Bar (formerly the German Beer Garden) , that's on Moon Muang Soi 2. There's usually live music beiing played somewhere at Zoe in Yellow but it's mainly for the backpacking crowd, You aleady know about Northgate and Northgate Jazz. Finally there's often some great shows and live music at the amphitheatre outside the Promenada shopping mall on some Saturday nights (check out their website for upcoming events and informationhttp://www.promenadachiangmai.com/ ).


I hope this helps,





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Thanks for the input as to where to find live music. I am astounded by the number of venues and their musical offerings. Here for a month this time so I intend to dig in, drink some beer and just chill. Much appreciated to all who chipped in and shared their knowledge.

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