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Teacher hits back at parent who complained about child who got zero in maths test


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5 hours ago, owl sees all said:

I know your where you are on this muzmurray. I've read the piece a couple of times and it's easy to pick holes in the grammar. But at least it is readable and understandable!


For me, the beauty of a good forum is not only debate but member's personal experiences; and this we got.


Some of the posts on Tvisa read as though the poster had just returned from the bar, is ready for bed and can't be bothered to put in any decent contribution.

Common, English is not my mother tongue. I see myself some wrongs in sentences. Did not care to check. However, it is easier for Thai and even to native speakers to understand me than some Americans who are mumbling words and use slang in conversation. Native speakers can be of great help for advanced students. Not for an ordinal Thai school. And as you said, sharing of experience matters. Grammar probably not so much. Cheers

What is muzmurray, BTW

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7 hours ago, owl sees all said:

By the way Oleg57 your post was an excellent read but it would have read better with a paragraph or two. Maybe that's just the English in me. If paragraphs are not used in Germany please forgive my ignorance.

Carry on the good work Sir. As I've often said forums are not only about debate but member's personal experiences.

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On 5/20/2017 at 10:47 AM, yardrunner said:

 and now they are changing the rules to reflect the correct exam results and about time

One teacher out of 500.000, doe"s not make "CHANGE".............LOL

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6 minutes ago, KBsinter said:

One teacher out of 500.000, doe"s not make "CHANGE".............LOL

Is that how many teachers there are in Thailand? Wow!


An acorn grows into a big oak tree. Hopefuily!!

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On 5/20/2017 at 9:07 AM, dinsdale said:

Yes, yes, yes and yes.


No, no, no and no. Disruptive, lazy students should be rewarded so the little darlings don't get their feelings hurt. Utter nonsense.

Around 5-10% of my students fail but I have to pass them. Most of these are disruptive and lazy and fail in all subjects not just mine.

What school or college do you teach at, if you don't mind me asking?

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On 2017-5-20 at 6:46 AM, ezzra said:

Between shooting and killing each other in school rivalries  or getting zero in math, the

latter is much preferred.... now days mind set of youngsters is like

why should we invest the time to

learn, if we can simply punch and electronic device and get

all the answers they need?.....

Have you ever made an error while using a calculator? They should be able to do basic multiplication without electronic aids. 

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11 hours ago, Dumbastheycome said:

Immaculate  hair  style and  makeup? lol

depends when you were born, i can remember when calculators came out a friend double checking every result on the calculator by working out the result on paper, nowadays people use the calculator and use the calculator to check mental or written arithmetic as a matter of course  

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