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90 day report by mail 'how to' docs etc

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Asking for someone to describe the docs required (e.g passport pages?)  and procedure for 90 day reporting by mail at CW. There is coverage but would prefer recent as may be new idiosyncrases e.g when i left off tracking this the docs had to be sent so that they would arrive within a certain time period before report date, return envelope had to have a [no such thing existing] Bt10 stamp etc. So it would be highly appreciated if someone could give a detailed 'how to' update.

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Chaeng Wattana immigration want the report to be mailed at least 15 days before the report date.

A a 10 baht stamp does exist but sometimes the post office may not have them. I have been putting 40 baht worth of stamps on the return envelope so it is sent back to me by EMS. One time it was only 39 baht because they only had 3 baht stamps.

You need a copy of your passport photo page, visa, entry stamp, extension of stay stamp and a copy of The TM6 departure card attached to the completed TM47 form.

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Just now, DUS said:

What's the earliest a 90 days report can be filed?

You can do the report in person up to 15 days early or 7 days after the report date including the report date in the count.

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i have been using the mail system for years; ONE time there was an error in the dates; the next-report-date was before the date we sent the 90 in (registered mail); wife called them and they sent another corrected one fairly soon; point is to check it

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