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Garbage Collection


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Has anyone had issues with garbage collection, today they have just told us they will not longer take away grass or flower cuttings and have left them behind, where they previously have done with no issue.


where can these be disposed off if they wont take them away considering the amount of houses and gardens here should be a lot of old cuttings to dispose of.

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We were having problems with workers not taking rubbish.

I overcame that by using the Thai favorite lao kao, 1 small bottle to the crew every 3/4 months, works wonders.

Now they even come inside our gate to collect anything we put out.

Try it, it worked for us.

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What supprises me is that larger cities in Thailand and Thailand by itself for that matter don't have any decent infrastructure to collect and process recyclables and garden waste.

With the cheap labor and all, thailand could really be a leading country on managing waste. they wouldn't even need to subsidise this eco-industry as they can easily run break-even or with a profit. 

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