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Shower water heater with pump - Where?

Daffy D

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About 10 years ago we bought a shower water heater with internal pump, looked just like a normal on the wall shower unit but had a built in boost pump.


Had good service from it for many years then when I changed our system to having a water tank and whole house pump we passed it onto the MIL.


After all this time it's still working but has developed some leaks inside the unit and I think the time has come to replace it before it goes bang and frightens the MIL. :shock1:


Been looking around but don't see any shower units with internal pump.  Lazada Malaysia has plenty:-


But non listed on the Lazada  Thai site :sad:


On my strolls round HomePro and the like I never notice one either but that may have just because I wasn't specifically looking. So thought I'd ask here first where I might get one before setting out on the quest.


Cheers  :smile:



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I remember that thread also, but can't find it either.  If I recall correctly, they are available on ebay. but there was no info on a supplier here in Thailand.


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5 hours ago, VocalNeal said:

Daffy do you have a mate in Malaysia? Do you live in BKK? I have a friend who travels back and forth. For a beer or two he might help out.

Before the clampdown on visa runs I would go to Malaysia regularly, but have no need these days.

Thanks for offering your friend :whistling:  Let me see what I can come up with first and I'll get in touch.

 I don't live in Bangkok but the Thai mail works well. 

Cheers :thumbsup:



4 hours ago, chickenslegs said:

Old topic here - not sure it will help a lot ... https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/960419-power-showers-with-a-pump/

Yes, had a look at that but doesn't really help. Thought there might be some more up to date information out there.



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Suspect they are no longer allowed in Thailand as those models seem to be unique to Malaysia market.  Perhaps better to plan as you did for your home and install home booster pump as is normal here and a regular water heater.  You do not want a defective pump spraying water into an enclosed electric heater unit.


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I'd suggest a separate pump and shower heater.


Cheapish 100W pump and definitely upgrade the shower to a 6kw heater (don't worry it'll only work on 2/5 power for hot showers in hot season, rainy season it can go up to 3/5 without burning and cold season I can handle 5 bars power on full flow, maybe 45 celcius).


6kw is enough for a rain head (nice combinations on sale at Homepro).


I've got a belting strong shower - lots of hot water on mist, and a fairly strong flow on the rain head. You need a bit of pressure, but I'm guessing you're not going to be fitting a constant-pressure house water pump right?


I have to say it's the single greatest lifestyle upgrade - stuff the 60"  home theater surround system with 60" UHTV - this shower is better than cocaine!

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Yes I could do all that, but at the moment the easiest would be to get a straight replacement pumped shower.


The MIL is only just one step up from the water barrel with ladle shower. Not sure she actually uses the hot shower at all except when the kids go to visit.


Have put in a request to Lazda see if they can supply a pumped shower like their Malaysian branch. Still waiting to hear back.


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