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Less Western Expats arriving than ever before and a significant fall in working Western expats now in Thailand


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9 minutes ago, Fex Bluse said:

Easily predicted. Young and old expats come and live and leave for very different reasons.


Thailand is an absolutely horrible for a young expat to work. It gives them nothing in return for their effort. Locals don't have any interest in learning from outsiders and kowtowing to Thai/Chinese bosses for a handful of Baht is hardly worth the subservience. 


Thais are more and more anti-foreigner and nobody feels this more than expats who actually work among elite Thais. They simply don't want them here. Period. 


not really disagreeing,

but why are the farang employed in the first place if what you say hold water

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6 minutes ago, tomas557 said:

Pretty simple, because they have been living the dream for many years, 1 month millionaires at the time.


Once they are settled they will learn the real Thai life/attitude.


arrive in LoS by misunderstanding/misconception - something to wake up to!


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4 minutes ago, mok199 said:

I too lived in dist 1 then moved to Vung Tau..i loved it...now I am back in T land ...not  by choice...ps Vietnam has a 15% tax treaty with Canada if it applies to you..have a good day ..Xin Chao

That's good to know, thanks.  I haven't tried to file outside Canada yet.  Although I've been here for a year I'm still registered as a Canadian resident and let my company deduct the taxes.

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