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Need to find an Australian Justice of the Peace


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I need to find an Australian JP in Thailand to witness me sign some documents.


I’m tipping that I will need to go to the Australian Consulate or Embassy (which one?) in Bangkok. If so, do I just rock up or is an appointment required?


Are there Australian JP’s in any of the Provinces to save me having to go to BKK? (I’m in Khon Kaen)


Thanks in advance for any help.



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Call the embassy, ask for consular, the staff are normally good listeners, very helpful and friendly and you'll probably get a quick appointment. Keep in mind that Consular hours are a bit restricted (not 9 to 5), same all embassies. 

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Although I have been out of the country for 3 years, I have been a JP and still until April 2019 whereby I would need to reapply, which I won't as I haven't signed a doc for years, although am still clearly on the register to date.


The above said, you can go across to the Australian Embassy in Laos, I found them extremely helpful via email before I went as I needed documents verified to say who I was, i.e. passport and driver's license.


It saved me going to BKK, and the cost was much much cheaper and I was home within 4 hours from the time I left, the drive to Nong Kai was about an hour 20, however your drive will be a little further to Friendship Bridge in Nong Kai, probably 2.30-3.00 hours.


You will need a re-entry permit which you can do there at the Thai immigration office, I was advised that the Laos Immigration office only accept USA currency, i.e. $30 to give you a visa in, although others have told me later that you can pay in baht, but I don't know how true that is, then it's a short bus trip 10 baht each way across the bridge and you can get a taxi to the Oz embassy return for 300 baht, the driver waited for us for an hour with no problems.


The embassy staff didn't take long and charged $55USA as that was also the only currency they would accept as advised before I went, however if I do recall correctly they did have a card machine there for visa cards.


The other option is if your heading to Udon Thani maybe we could meet up at Central and sit down, you buy me a coffee at Starbucks and I sign away, however I don't have a JP stamp as it was and still is not a requirement to have one, all you require is my signature, name clearly written, place it was signed, no doubt we would have to put a place back in Oz, I would think and back date the date, my JP number and Bob's your uncle as the saying goes, but whether that would be enough for the Thais, as I would imagine that they wouldn't know what a JP is and therefore want Notary's to sign docs ?


Anyways. there you have it in a nutshell, no need to go to BKK, I almost did until the owner of the local waterhole I frequent said Laos mate, that's where he did his passport renewals, no need for BKK, saved me a few quid as I would have had to pay for return flights, food, and taxi fares to and from the airport. 


I recently needed some docs signed by a JP for a bank back in AUS of which my mate who is a JP signed, dated and scanned back to me, although that is different as he is in OZ, but has know me for 2 decades, that said, this is Thailand and if they will accept a doc from a JP, your almost done.

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^thanks for the offer mate. Had I known earlier I would have definitely bought you that coffee and gratefullly accepted your signature. Turns out however I flew up to a Chiang Mai JP a few days back.
Thanks so much again for the offer.

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