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Chiang Mai faces another eight year wait for Light Rail network


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Chiang Mai faces another eight year wait for Light Rail network




An upbeat report by Chiang Mai News reported some "auspicious" dates for the diaries of Chiang Mai residents. 


But the bottom line was that people in the northern Thai city would have to wait EIGHT years until they got the first of several planned Light Rail transit lines. 


A ministerial level government meeting in Lampang on Monday and Tuesday this week reported on the latest developments.


The main decision is that the Red Line will be worked on first. This will go from Nakorn Ping Hospital to the Mae Hia Saman Sammakhee intersection. 


It has yet to be decided what sections will be above ground and what will be below. Further studies will start this month. 


It is hoped that by November a plan to pay for the multi billion baht project will be presented to the government. 


Building will take 69 months with the expected completion date by B.E. 2570.....that's 2027!


Chiang Mai News called the dates auspicious in their headline. 


Source: Chiang Mai News

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-01-18
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I think I'll be dead before I got the chance to see

any Light/Heavy or and kind of rail transport around

Chiang Mai,it will be Tuk Tuk's and Songthaew's for

well into the future.

regards Worgeordie

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1 hour ago, Srikcir said:

Has Prayut given up on the North for election support and no more gifts?

There are not many votes in the North for Prayut.

There actually seems to be more development going on in Chiang Rai. I'm always baffled why airfares BKK to CR are cheaper than airfares BKK to CM, even though Chiang Rai is about 200 km further north.

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18 hours ago, Maejo Man said:

I thought she was the main instigator in the boring of a tunnel through to Mae Hong Son, or was it the chair lift to Pai? 😉


You're thinking of the water slide to Phitsanulok, or was it the gondola up Doi Luang?

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