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I wonder why in Thailand traffic does not stop for Zebra crossing


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22 hours ago, seasia said:

They do not care, they will happily run you over.


I am currently in a 1st world country where they actually obey zebra crossings .

They stop for pedestrians.

Plus no motorbikes on pavements.

They don't say Thailand has the most dangerous roads in the world for Nothing !!! Killing people walking across Zebra crossings in civilized countries could get you a very lengthy prison sentence. 


Maybe the Police should put their foot down .... maybe those are the wrong words ...

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The locals are not educated about the pedestrian crossings, not red lights, nor using any lane or even the pavements, or speeding. 

Many don't even have a valid license. 


Or paying the millions of fines already clocked up this year.

Most locals don't watch the news, unless it's graphic content of carnage. 

They accept the daily stats of 60 to 80 killed each day on the roads as a way of life. 

And they certainly have no interest in politics...


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On 6/26/2019 at 7:27 PM, kevvy said:


The police has asked for video's of traffic offenders and would pay good rewards for them.


The filmer of this video could get rich for filming so many offending drivers.

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In Pattaya they actually have pedestrian crossings with lights on Beach Road - and you still better be careful when crossing at a green light.  There are probably 3-5 cars running the red light and if the cars stop, there may (most likely will) be a motorcycle speeding through between the cars.


I normally look at Thai pedestrians and cross when they start crossing - somehow they have a 6th sense of which drivers will stop (or maybe there are real consequences if they run over a bunch of people at once vs hitting only one person). 

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On 6/27/2019 at 4:51 PM, murraynz said:

vietnam -pedestrian crossings are even more dangerous there.


My wife has visited Vietnam a few times on business and she would completely agree with you that it is far worse there than in Thailand

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On 6/27/2019 at 9:44 PM, Searat7 said:

There is safety in numbers so if you are trying to cross the road in a busy area it’s best to wait until there are 3-4 others. Motorists are more willing to stop for a group of people whereas if you are alone they are like “Get out of my way”.  I am willing to bet half of the drivers don’t know what a zebra crossing is for.

1) totally agree.
2) zebra confused.
if zebra line many not know put car medium under where.



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On 6/27/2019 at 12:01 AM, Salerno said:

Because zebras aren't native to Thailand 😎

As far as the drivers here are concerned they are just white lines painted on a road and serve no particular purpose, so why slow down at them. 


Pure ignorance.

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In practice it wouldn't be very effective, 

If traffic had to stop for pedestrians at busy crosswalks they'd never get going again 😐


What's needed is more over-walks like Sukhumvit has.

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Lived 15+ years in Pattaya, now in Thonglor. 


I remark a certain difference in attitude towards the pedestrians.


One has still to be careful, but there is more respect and many drivers stop to let the people cross. 


Maybe because there are a lot of young mothers with 1 or more young children, mostly Japanese, walking around. 

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