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The mystery of exactly how many expats live in Thailand


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1 minute ago, Isaanbiker said:

Amazing, how they could forget Aussies @ their research. 


Bloody pisses me right off I'll tell ya Ha Ha,but I don't blame them as I'm not much of a flag waver myself just don't mention that Aussies core value is a fair go or I'll go off on a never ending rant!

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16 minutes ago, frankholland said:

Maybe we can make an estimation ourselves. I live in Korat, and do my retirement extention begin september. The extention has a number. The average number for the last 4 years is 4500. So that means in a year the korat immigration issues about 6750 retitement extentions a year. The most expats live in Bangkok, Pattaya, changmai, pucket and udon thani. If people from those regions make the same estimations for their province, we can see if we come close to the 72000.

Nope, you'd also have other nationalities, I guess you wanted to find out how many Westerners have settled down? 

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