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Krabi woman in ICU after suspected bite from black widow spider


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Krabi woman in ICU after suspected bite from black widow spider



Picture: Sanook


The director of Krabi hospital in southern Thailand has urged the public to urgently seek medical attention when bitten by insects or other animals.


A 51 year old woman is in a comatose state in the ICU section of the hospital after she was bitten on the left hand by a spider in Klong Prasong sub-district on Friday. 


A relative thinks it was a black widow though this could not be confirmed. 


She was initially taken to a local clinic but her condition worsened dramatically by Saturday and the family took her to Krabi hospital. 


There it was discovered that there was a secondary infection. Her heart stopped four times but CPR brought her pulse back each time. 



Picture: Sanook


Hospital director Dr Suphot Phukaoluan said that the patient also suffers from kidney disease and thalassemia (a blood disorder particularly common among Thais).


Surgery was done to remove pus but the patient went into cardiac arrest. 


Dr Suphot urged the Thai public to always urgently seek professional medical attention if bitten. 


Source: Sanook



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-07-16
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1 hour ago, Aussiepeter said:

Bites from the Black Widow spider, known in Australia as the Redback spider, once caused many deaths in Australia, with the most recent death in Oz from Redback spider bite being in 2016. However, since 1979 there has been an anti-venom available in Oz for the treatment of Redback spider bites. An average of 250 people receive this anti-venom each year in Australia. The area I live in is prime Redback country and I have to spray my garage a couple of times a year to kill them. They love metal and moisture and a local joke here is that we have paid back the Japanese for WW11 by exporting Redback spiders to Japan. Osaka in particular has been seriously "invaded" by Redback spiders, which arrived in Japan after hitching a ride on the undersides of shipping containers from Oz and elsewhere. They have become such a big problem that school children in Japan are now routinely taught about the danger of touching a Redback/Black Widow spider One of the best deterrents to these spiders is to keep chickens, which will eat any spider on sight. 

The black widow;s cousin in Oz, the redback can also affect people differently, some die some dont.  My brother, many years ago, was bitten on the <deleted> while sitting on an outside dunny (toilet) while working on a shearing team in the outback....no doctors for hundreds of kilometers, or at least a couple of cartons.  He spent the night suffering wild halucinations (delerium) and profuse sweating being watched over by a drunken roustabout who promptly passed out lol.  He managed to survive the night, apart from a severe hangover, while my brother was pretty much back to normal by the afternoon.


I learnt as a toddler never to put my hands in the letterbox without looking first and stay well clear of any web that crackles....a dead cert its a redback!

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