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800"000 thb bank reporting

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A youtuber from north Issan reported a problem when doing his retirement extension this January 2021.


He went to immigration withe the certificate of the bank , it has been refused because the local bank agency can do a certificate for the last 6 months and the immigration ask for a 12 months reporting.


The local bank agency had to request the statement from the Bangkok main office and it take 1 week to get it.


1 - In Chomburi /Jontien immigration I never had such problem in 2020.

2 - what is the exact rule in 2021 the certificate must show 6 or 12 months

3 - have rule been changed between 2020 and 2021.

thank you for any info.

Best regards



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1. It can vary from office to office. Best to be prepared to show a 12 month bank statement.

2/3. There is no rule for it.

It can take a week to get a one year bank statement at Bangkok Bank at most branches.

Some offices will accept a bank book that has been updated monthly or a least on a regular basis that shows every month of the year.


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