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Digital nomads to be allowed to work in Thailand without needing a work permit

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Welcome all fifty-three people who qualify under this fantasy scheme.

Most digital nomads I know are either high-school or college dropouts who are self taught coders and system builders. They started out making their own computers, designing games and web pages.  So no

To be fair, it gives all the bitter, low-skilled members here, struggling to remain in Thailand on state pensions, a chance to express how superior they are compared to these young people who have emb

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Digital nomads and farangs are in an inverted relationship. As the perceived esteem of one has risen substantially the other has fallen.

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I didn't know that there is such a term in the Thai language for "digital nomad" (arai wha) much less provisions for the concept...

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21 minutes ago, Hyna said:

Many digital nomads don't pay tax in any country, working under the radar. 

If they would pay tax their work would not be so lucrative anymore. 

They may not be interested.


That's fair. I don't blame them and would avoid taxes as well, if I could 😅


In my specific case though, I pay a bunch of income tax in my home country already and would just prefer that Thailand didn't also try to take an additional slice. It's details like that that may end up making or breaking the popularity of the visa imo.

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1 hour ago, NCC1701A said:

i have a Masters in Digital Nomads. 


My thesis paper subject was the mating habits of women on ThaiFriendly and Tinder. 

I  bet you didnt earn it  though you just paid for it😅

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6 minutes ago, The Cipher said:

prefer that Thailand didn't also try to take an additional slic

They will certainly try

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Posted (edited)

The TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) is making visa and work permit  policy now...me thinks the Foreign Ministry, Interior Ministry (Immigration), and the Labour Department will have something to say about this.

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