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AIS e-mail address for customer service enquiries


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I've been out of the country for about 1 year, still waiting to return, and my international roaming stopped on both phones 3 days ago so no calls or SMS possible now.

After spending half an hour on their website I can't find a way to contact them there.

Has anyone got their e-mail address or a suggestion for contacting them to get my international roaming reactivated?


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They also have a Live Chat function on their web-pages.


And FB, LINE, and via their mobile app.


Do you still have a local roaming signal? Usually a "R" floating near the "bars" indicator.


The phone worked fine until 3 days ago, then stopped working?


Same location?


Can you try the SIM in a different phone?


Can you send a USSD, and receive a reply? *121# SEND (should return balance and expiry)


Do you have the myAIS app installed?  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ais.mimo.eservice



With the little detail provided my guess would be that your balance was depleted or the expiry exceeded.


You should be able to revive the number/SIM.





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17 hours ago, eddi said:


Both phones dead, no LINE or WhatsApp


Thanks, have sent e-mail

You don't need a working SIM for LINE and WhatsApp to work once the number is associated. Should work just on WiFi.


Send the numbers via PM if you want someone to do test top ups on them.

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I had a prompt reply from AIS and after an exchange of information they suggested new SIM cards for both phones. I will send them them the documentation required and they will send me 2 new SIM cards.

Thanks for your help.

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