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Need your opinion as experts on Thai girls, telling my experience

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You’re not doing anything wrong….you’re just finally catching on to the way things are here.

Hi guys, i have been dating thai girls for the past 5 years, met during my trips, in parties, tinder, socials, thai friendly, apps, or anywhere literally. The past year or so in dating apps only.

Stop looking online, the ones on line as far as I can work out only want your dosh, I met plenty of very nice ladies working in markets, 7/11 etc, yeah had a few bar girls in the early days of a month

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8 hours ago, Airalee said:

It’s more than just a money thing.  It’s like their addiction to social media “likes”.  I have found that the most beautiful Thai women are often the most insecure.  As soon as you stop feeding their desperate need to feel better about themselves, they’re on to their next fix.  Even after their nose jobs, chin jobs, braces, fillers, facials etc, they feel the same way about themselves after the novelty wears off.  And that’s what we are to them after a while….a novelty…showering them with compliments and gifts.  I usually sense it and then am the first to turn tail and run, however.


Be a Skittles man…



Agree, many Thai women are very insecure about their body and therefore they submit to incredible torture to change their appearance so much that you no longer recognize them the next time you meet them, not even their BF.

In fact a lot of GF changes after these exuberant modifications.


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3 hours ago, Tanomazu said:

It's called "Hypergamy".


The phenomenon of women seeking partners with higher economic means and / or status, primarily to achieve economic security but also upward social mobility, has existed for centuries.


If a woman has the opportunity to enter a relationship with a man of higher economic means or status, there is a strong chance she will leave you for him.



Also, called looking for the BBD.


"Bigger, Better, Deal."

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