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Rapid antigen test for flying

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Has anyone used a rapid antigen test as opposed to pcr for international flights out of thailand? 


Seems the RA is all that's required going to the usa but im just worried the airline staff might not know 

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A twist; people departing Sydney (Australia) by air can get a guaranteed one hour PCR test result at a laboratory set up inside Sydney international airport on the departure level within 3 or 4 minutes walk to the check-in rows.


Lab (a branch of a well known very credible pathology business) opens at 6.00 am. Walk-in, swab takes 1 minute, result within an hour by SMS/e.mail (to whoever the customer has nominated)/printed report.


Lab calls the customer to check they have received the report. AUD150-. 


Well know contributors to this site have mentioned this arrangement is popping up across many countries. 




Seems to me that negative report before boarding the aircraft will be with us, internationally for many years.


I wonder if we might see, as a standard process, passenger pays for PCR test (as in above comment), and automatically goes to the lab first (with labs in situ at convenient locations) at many/most inter. airports?


Or as rapid tests become more accurate/more reliable the passenger pays for rapid test in ticket cost, reports for check-in and first step is rapid test at check-in. 


Or perhaps:


- Airports set up a/several rapid test stations in the departure area for all international flyers using well accepted rapid tests,

- Passenger reports to one of these stations,

- Station scans passenger e.ticket/itinerary to get correct full name and e.mail details for passenger, airline, flight number, etc.,

- Result automatically feeds result into and sends an SMS/e.mail to both passenger and their airline.




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