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"Self" Insurance as regards medical within Thailand......

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I was about to add to a similar subject thread but it doesn't quite match per se

Now ideally we all have sensibly sized premiums but life isnt like that with obviously age becoming a huge factor let alone pre existing conditions


As such and coming back to myself. First I have no desire to drop anchor in Pattaya/Thailand but nonetheless October 1st to March 31st removing the entire British Autumn/Winter is highly rated in my book


Whilst I've had no Heart attacks/strokes etc I have had recurring bladder cancer. Now having had blood in the pee many times I no longer shxx myself lol as I did the first time and its case of drinking water plenty of it and consulting a doctor and then urology...... In short you get there under your own steam. However if you have a stroke/heart attack etc even road crash trauma (98% unlikely in my case with a refusal to get on bikes) however you're not really in control of yourself at that point in time


Despite having a binful of cash that would cover again 98% of eventualities how does the Hospital (assuming someones took you there) get access to it if you're single ??


My premiums are now quite "harsh" as regards the bladder cancer ideally I would run without the coverage at all (bear in mind what I said there is cash)


I've half talked myself back into going for the coverage now lol !

What do some of you other guys do in general ??  Bear in mind I'm not staying permamantly just 6 months at a time



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