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Chatchai Phromlert — the ‘man behind PM Prayut’s new power push’


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3 hours ago, ikke1959 said:

Retired is retired... Please give some young men/women a chance.. They are the future, but these old men with their old fashioned ideas will only put the country backwarths

Maybe they can't afford the required deposit to enter politics until they've served a lifetime of corruption?

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14 hours ago, HaoleBoy said:

Why do all these OLD Thai males think they have all the answers to run Thailand?

Same around the world these days it seems ... OLD (white in many circumstances) males thinking they are the only ones that can do anything.


Good leaders would have groomed a younger person as they ascended and allow a younger person to take over.  The future is for the younger generations

As a US Citizen retired in Thailand going on 7 years now.... Agree 100% get younger people 

in office as President etc. with ideas and the vitality to make changes for the good of the country 

no matter what party ... changes should be for the good of the people and future generations 

not about party... 


a prime example some if us older guys (67) barely get past the first page before the bickering 


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