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Is it illegal to record a conversation with staff members of a company to have proof of what was talked about?

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1 hour ago, spidermike007 said:

And you are completely dismissing the possibility that the website has changed in the past ten years? Glad you are not my lawyer. 


Your honor, I am sorry my lawyer does not think of these possibilities. He simply loves to doubt. 

No not doubting that at all, did consider it. Its more that the sum of your statements together makes me doubt. Too much emphasis on how you were victorious against all odds. Too much of a victory story and too perfect. You know like i said I don't doubt that th is happened in a different way and that you embellished the story to make you have a better point. Its not a single point, its just that all these points coming together ect are a bit too unbelievable. 

Just have heard these kinds of stories too often, and those were totally imagined. Usually the reality is different less glamorous. 


As you were talking lawyer, then you must know that one thing what is strange is a coincidence, if many things look strange they together make a story or alibi weak. While each on itself could be valid but together it would be so rare. So I do know something about evidence. 


Again it could have happened, i just doubt it. Sorry that I am a cynic. Maybe you have not listened to these kinds of stories that got better over time and then not even resemble the original fact. That is a bit how it feels. 

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On 10/10/2021 at 11:16 AM, zappalot said:

It is the notoriously lying staff of our condominium that I want to ask some questions, just in the lobby of the building. They say it is illegal but yeah, of course they not want to be recorded. So they would not give consent.

Tell them they will be fired if they don't consent.

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