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which probiotic should i take for GERD

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I have to agree with Sheryl because I tried just about every probiotic known to man when I had severe GERD, and none helped.


Not only that, the science and benefits behind these things are mixed/cloudy/complicated to say the least, although they don't seem to do any harm.


I had severe GERD, which led to Barrett's esophagus, but it was not due to a hiatal hernia, thankfully, however I did investigate having an operation called the Nissen fundiplication, because I was getting desperate.


Luckily enough, for me anyway, a lifestyle change, quitting a stressful job and taking omeprazole as well as triazolam to help me relax and sleep, helped tremendously, as did a natural supplement which I took, and which completely surprised my doctor because the Barretts had disappeared when he last checked.


Stress, poor sleeping patterns, types of food one eats, including coffee and wine, as well as spicy foods etc, can all contribute to GERD, but having a hiatal hernia is usually the main culprit.

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