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Cha Am Sunshine project targets 1,000 foreign tourists per month after reopening

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Cha Am beach, file photo


By Paul Andrews


Tourists officials in Cha Am say they expect approximately 1,000 international arrivals per month, once the resort reopens from November 1.


According to Karun Suttharomn, acting president of the Phetchaburi Tourism Council, any significant numbers of international tourists will not be seen until mid-2022.


Similar to the Hua Hin Recharge project, Cha Am has its own plan for reopening dubbed “Cha Am Sunshine”.


Full story: https://www.huahintoday.com/hua-hin-news/cha-am-sunshine-project-targets-1000-foreign-tourists-per-month-after-reopening/


-- © Copyright Hua Hin Today 2021-10-13
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I've studied this carefully and have built a model on a spreadsheet that shows, unequivocally, that the number of foreign tourists visiting Cha Am will be 1002 in November, 1010 in December, 1015 in January, and 2,687,905 in February. I would humbly suggest that the forecasts given by the Phetchaburi Tourism Council are incorrect.

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