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How reliable is the Bangkok flight  departures website below ?

I have been looking to book flights to the U.K with various airlines , they are offering the flight tickets for sale , but the departure isnt showing up on the departures board .

    Is the departures board incomplete or are they selling tickets for cancelled flights ?

Here is the departure board for today



  And here's a flight scheduled for tonight , but its not on the list above .


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24 minutes ago, mtls2005 said:

That website is useless.


When do you plan to fly? And which airline? 


Is one-stop OK? Class of service? Cost/price budget?





What exactly are you looking for? Historical performance to judge future capabilities?









Thanks , that is a comprehensive list ,  I plan to fly within the week .

I haven't decided with whom yet , I just wanted to make sure I didn't book a flight that had already been cancelled 

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If you don't know what airlines serve the route you want then Google Flights is very good for finding a full list of options and fares. It then gives you a list of booking sites and normally shows the fare direct from the airline too. In these "uncertain" times of travel changes and cancellations it is advisable to book direct with the airline to get the best service in case of changes or cancellations. 

IMO: The only reliable flight tracker is www.flightradar24.com and we use it to track planes right to the arrival gate.

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