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Room for Confusion?

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Thailand will allow fully vaccinated visitors from low-risk countries to enter the kingdom without quarantine from Nov 1 as a key effort by the government to boost the economy.


So if I fly from the UK many flights are not direct having transfers in either the middle east or India


Whilst the UK starting point may allow quarantine free entry what about the transfer in a non listed quarantine country?

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2 hours ago, Jeffr2 said:

I just applied in Portugal. Transit was Dubai. No problems.

I don't think you can apply yet for a restriction free stay. so presumably you are going into Sandbox or ASQ/ALQ.  Transit is allowed for these.


It's not yet known if transit will be allowed in countries not on the approved list for a quarantine free stay, as mixing with a potentially higher risk group increases the chance you'll bring the virus into the country undetected, due to the incubation time.  The UK for example didn't allow it if you disembarked the plane or new passengers got on and many travellers avoided transit in Dubai on their way there for example.


If they don't allow it, it'll dramatically reduce potential visitor numbers and if they do it'll increase risk of covid numbers going up.  Wait and see I suppose.

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COE has always been from the 1st flight/boarding in case of indirect flight. That's the coutry you are coming from. Anyway, you get a COE on the basis of a specific flight. If they give you a COE for a flight through South Africa that's their responsibility, not yours. Or did you mean flying to TH without a COE? I don't think that's possible yet.

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