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Beef Bones


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Big C Extra sell marrow bones. They are about 2 inches depth and 1.5inches wide.  Very cheap around 50baht for a pack of around 3-6 depending on size.
I cook them in the slow cooker (6-8 hours for stock or 10+ hours for broth).  Add a dash of apple cider vinegar or other acidic condiment which will help break down the bone.
Villa sell oxtails - about 600baht for a pack of 4-6 depending on size.  I like to roast these first for about 40-60mins (from frozen) which adds a great flavour. After roasting add to the slow cooker with the marrow bones.

Siamsburi have had oxtails occasionally too. Same price as Villa.

For a change from beef broth, Big C Extra sometimes have lamb bone off cuts. Very cheap (around 40baht a pack) and this makes a good lamb stock or broth.


I keep a tub in the freezer which I add veg and salad offcuts into. Bits of veg I didn't use because too limp or the end cuttings. Lettuce leaves, onion peelings, tops of carrots, floppy celery etc. Keep these accumulating in the freezer instead of throwing away and then just add a handful into the slow cooker. Gives a great flavour (don't use cruciferous veg though). Just remove them with a strainer when fully cooked.

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