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Gov’t promises to do its best to assist laid-off garment workers


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By Tanakorn Sangiam


BANGKOK (NNT) - The government has emphasized it is doing its best to take care of laid-off garment workers, in response to a protest staged by workers from a lingerie factory. The Ministry of Labour said a legal case has been filed with the court to request compensation from their employer.


Delegates from the Triumph workers association representing some 1,000 workers laid-off without notice from a lingerie manufacturing plant ‘Brilliant’ gathered once again at the government house to follow up on their demands.


These workers claimed they were laid off without notice or compensation which should be worth around 242 million baht.


In the last round of discussion which took place on 8 October, the workers asked the government to provide the due financial compensation to the workers using the government’s central budget, then collect such amount from the company in question.


Meanwhile, the case against the employer is being pursued in court. The Criminal Court has already issued an arrest warrant for the employer.


Minister of Labour Suchat Chomklin emphasized that the government has been providing assistance to the affected workers, however their request for the government to allocate the central budget for their unemployment compensation cannot be done under the existing law.


Mr Suchat said his ministry has sent a letter to the Budget Bureau to further discuss this matter.




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9 hours ago, RichardColeman said:

I'm pretty sure that these 1000 workers wont get a 242,000 baht lay off pay off each, especially if the company simply just went bust due to the covid economy.



You would think that, but the Labor Laws have not kept up the COVID Force Majeur and the fact that many, many business's were forced to close through no fault of their own.


But if you had to let workers go as a result of COVID, even though no fault of management or company, you will be forced to pay full entitlements to staff.


...and if you have no money to pay, the cases will turn into criminal cases...

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