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Here's Today's Tip... Handling Wet Weather.

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Playing golf this time of year often means dealing with some less than ideal weather conditions, and when mother nature decides to turn on the sprinklers it can be difficult to keep your scores above water.


Across Asia most course have large drains to handle the monsoon rains, but it still can be a bit soggy.


There are two shots that give most golfers trouble when it’s wet out, and I’ve got some tips to help you handle them like a pro.


How to hit out of wet rough: Deep grass can be tough to get out of in dry conditions, but when it gets wet it can be even more challenging. If you find your ball buried in some soggy rough your number one goal should be to get it back in the short stuff. Fairway woods and even hybrid clubs can easily get caught up in long grass when it’s wet, so your best bet is to hit down on the ball and blast it out with a short iron or wedge.


How to chip in wet conditions: When you hit a chip shot in wet weather it’s easy to take a little too much turf and chunk it. To avoid this common problem play the ball back in your stance a little more than usual and make sure to keep your hands in front of the ball through impact. Practice a few of these chips around the putting green before teeing off to see how your ball checks up - you might be surprised how quickly it comes to a rest of a damp putting surface.




Keep these tips in mind and you'll find that wet weather golf can be a lot of fun!


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