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No more closure or lockdown of buildings, schools or markets if a COVID-19 positive case is identified


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Prime Minister Hun Sen has yesterday declared  with immediate effect, there will be no more closure of schools, places of businesses and markets if a case of COVID-19 were to break out in any location.


Mr Hun Sen said that from now on, if there are cases of infection in factories or other places, there will be no closure of the entire location and that only the COVID-19 positive person will be treated at a designated facility and the location disinfected.


The operation of these facilities would continue as normal after disinfection as it is time to reopen the economy fully and such closures have negative impacts on the people as well as the businesses or schools where an infection had been detected. In the past, entire factories, apartments blocks, schools, markets were closed down when a COVID-19 positive case was located and extensive contact tracing was also deployed.


read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50957434/no-more-closure-or-lockdown-of-buildings-schools-or-markets-if-a-covid-19-positive-case-is-identified/



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2 hours ago, HappyExpat57 said:

So, finally flying the flag of surrender?

They have decided to treat it as an endemic disease now that most of the population is vaccinated.


I suspect that sooner or later most countries will do likewise (once they reach vaccination targets...which will take some much longer than others).


If along with this, hospitalizations are limited to the seriously ill, and barring a new strain that vaccines aren't effective against, this should be manageable.

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