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Please help with information. Returning to Korat in November.

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Can anyone kindly help by guiding me through the many contradictions and speculations I am finding during my research.  I would like to return to Nakhonratchasima in November.  I have been in the UK for approaching 3 months.  I have an extension of stay based on retirement issued by Korat immigration,  and a re-entry permit.  I have been fully vaccinated in the U.K.


Am I correct to say the 01 November reopening with no quarantine at all except for the one nights quarantine is of no use to me, because there are only certain parts of Thailand you can travel to under that scheme?  It appears,  on certain sites anyway, that Nakhonratchasima is not included, until 01 December.


What then are my options for a November return?  If not using the Thailand Pass, can I still apply for a normal CoE and travel to Korat after a period of quarantine?   Is this can't stick your head out of the hotel room type quarantine,  or a Sandbox style quarantine in Bangkok or a beach resort?


Any knowledgeable person with time to share some facts would be very much welcomed.

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According to the TAT news release if you arrive "quarantine free" as you are entitled to do from the UK you can go wherever you like after you get your negative arrival test result.


"9. If testing negative for COVID-19, travellers can go anywhere in Thailand."



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