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Saved from ‘hell’: 41 foreigners freed from clutches of China Project ring


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Of hundreds of foreign nationals, who have been trapped within the 11-building complex called China Project, 41 of them are now free from the clutches of the syndicate that lured them there. The 41, all Indonesian nationals,  were among the hundreds lured into working in the China Project complex  based on the promises of lucrative salaries together with free board and lodgings.


The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Cambodia played a major role in rescuing the 41 when they reached out to the Sihanoukville authorities for assistance. The 41, including three females were stuck there for several months.


When the beatings and other forms of mental pressure became unbearable, a group of the 41 managed to reach out to their family members in Indonesia and passed on the details of the group, where they were trapped, and pleaded for help to be rescued. The information was conveyed to the embassy in Cambodia by the Indonesian authorities.


read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50958027/saved-from-hell-41-foreigners-freed-from-clutches-of-china-project-ring/




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