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Thailand ranked among the top 6 places in the world to retire

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Very misleading headline - it's NOT 6th in the top most places to retire in, it's 6th in the most searched on google to retire in.   Probably after searching and seeing hoops and visa laws ,

Post junta era? Maybe.   Right now? Not.

I believe many people would like to retire in Thailand. But it seems to me that most of these people do not know about Thai requirements, laws for foreign pensioners and bureaucracy.

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It's all boil down to what dose one looking when retiring as there are dozens of ways to retire, from living in a shack somewhere drinking beer and doing nothing all day all the way to those who looks for action day and night sport activities shopping and traveling places.. 

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10 hours ago, spidermike007 said:

Total BS, in 2021. The only two reasons why a guy would choose Thailand are budget limitations, or the women. Period. 

Lol - Yes the weather is awful, the golf is awful, the beaches are awful, the nightlife is awful, the food is awful.   


I cannot think of any place I'd rather be year round (I do like Barcelona in there summer but the winter isn't for me)

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