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Hospital Beds for Severely Ill in Chiang Mai now at 95%


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This information from an article in today's bangkok post. That doesn't look real promising for a Nov 1, opening. It goes on to day that more than 51% have been partially vaccinated and over 35% have been fully vaccinated.. The authorities can vaccinate as many as 20000 people per day but given that the were only 7 days left in October when information was gathered, that's clearly not going to be enough time to put up a firewall against the virus. Phuket's experience in that regard provides a dismal proof. And that's with over 70% fully vaccinated.

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8 minutes ago, lordblackader said:

The current capacity as of yesterday below. White/right hand side shows % available and full number of beds in each category. It's not good but not quite as bad as the Post made out. 

2021-10-26 10_24_22-248048364_607609063929664_8583291762037312362_n.jpg ‎- Photos.png

Thanks for the info. You should include a link otherwise if the mods see it, they will delete your post.

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