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Thailand entry rules for vaccinated and unvaccinated tourists

Jonathan Fairfield

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26 minutes ago, johng said:

Why do Thai nationals  still not have to  provide a negative test before boarding the plane ?

doesn't that "endanger" the whole plane load of tested passengers who may then on arrival test positive and have to be "incarcerated" for 10 days of their "holiday"

I think it's 14 days, not 10.

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Anybody know what a blue zone is? My home province is not a blue zone and i have no idea if that means i cant go or just no booze. Dont care about the bars but if their tracking app is meant to keep us in the blue zones not much point in going back.

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21 minutes ago, internationalism said:

just covid insurance.

from 1.5 to 2.5k per month (depending of departure country). For the whole stay in thailand or end of visa/extension

What currency are you using?

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