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Bars should be allowed to reopen, opposition MP argues

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They’re not open because they don’t want them open. If you know the mind of the mob that took the country, you’ll know that the pandemic was convenient for their agenda. 

It's really a joke at this point. My entire school came to take their Covid test the other day as they'll be returning to school soon. Other than spreading each level out to come at different times of

Covid is returning,gatherings will surely be a disaster

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I can feel for the owners of places that are still not able to open, but it seems like some places can just get away with anything.

Pubs open in Bangkok now...the ones I have visited over the past couple of weeks (quiet times)...no social distancing / no check if vaccinated or not / some customers not checking temperature on the way in etc. etc.

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1 hour ago, CANSIAM said:

I heard from a local the Phuket Governor shut down 10 bars in Patong Bangla road, I believe there was some sort of random testing raid recently, if its true I'm sure BKK is not opening bars anytime soon........

Phuket is seeing an increase in infections in the entertainment venues..

Bangla road being one location.

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45 minutes ago, mjakob007 said:

You hit the nail on the head


BTS & malls have more transient head count. BTS is way more packed than any bar.

If BTS has been functional, wonder how bars are more risky. unless, alcohol is the covid medium.



Non mask wearing in bars is the medium.

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1 hour ago, Rocking Robert said:

They’re trying to keep the bars closed as long as they can and when they cannot keep them closed being a bar Owner will not be the same. They think of you as nothing more than pips

Who is they?


Ever had covid?ever suffered?      Bars will never open again in immediate future,if they did covid will rocket up there again,even more restrictions,banned from leaving home


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