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US Customs refuses to ship i-Phone

Jing Law

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Shipped an i-Phone via USPS from Florida to Thailand. Got as far as Los Angeles.


Got the box back yesterday. It had been opened. There was a note on it that simply said, NO PHONES.


Wasted $80.


Anyone else had this happen? Since when can't phones be shipped? Shipped a MacBook Air last month, no problem. 


Should I try DHL or FED EX?




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6 hours ago, sanmyintmaung said:

I received new iPhone 13 last week delivered by UPS Worldwide Express direct from Singapore. Packing does carry UN3481 label for declaring lithium battery. May be you can try UPS.



I don't think UPS delivers to Koh Chang, but DHL does.


Don't the MacBook Airs have the same batteries in them?

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Last year I tried to ship a U.S. model Samsung phone from U.S. to Thailand...a relative tried to mail it for me at a USPS post office.  The post office would not accept it for shipment to Thailand....the post office said their IT system was flagging the shipment that Thai postal system would not accept. 


When the relative told me this I then called the post office she used and I was told the same thing.  Post office said I could ship to anywhere in the U.S. or many other countries but shipment to Thailand was being flagged as not being able to ship...probably due to Thai Postal System not allowing it.


So I had the relative ship the phone via USPS to my mail forwarder in Texas where I had it reshipped to Thailand via DHL (or maybe it was FedEx)....received it approx 4 days later.

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