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Thai Language School in Ranong?


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Hi Everybody,
I'm hoping to move to Ranong in a few months for a period of about 6 months - a year to live/travel with a Thai friend of mine who just moved back there from the states. Not only am I trying to find the best visa to stay there for that period, but I also speak some Thai and am very interested in learning more and actually going to a language school.


The only problem is my friend has said that there aren't many farang in Ranong and not many tourists, so it's not likely that there is a Thai language school for farang... By chance, does anyone know if there is a school there that would be able to sponsor the Education visa?


Other options or suggestions as to how to stay or how to get an Education visa are also appreciated ????


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9 hours ago, HalAndLois said:

That Learn Thai with Mod page is great at explaining her expensive prices and how to pay her.  It says absolutely nothing about how she will teach us Thai or why we should pay her.  Just a money grab.  

My Mrs has taught it for 25 years she charges 500 baht an hour, one on one traveling to see the student. She does online but says in person works better.

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