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Death On The Beach


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2 hours ago, Liverpool Lou said:

It's really amazing how these Thai-bashers can't stop with their "only in Thailand" rhetoric...ad nauseum.

Whats even more amazing is the reading comprehension /distortions around here. Never ever have said ,,"only in Thailand" . Just calling spades spades: Even Stevie Wonder could see something very wrong going on here. 

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There seems to be a culture in Thailand of sweeping events like this under the carpet. Nothing must be allowed to deter from Thailand's status as a tourist destination.

it seem that concerns about this island are getting a bit of revival at present. Needless to say it could result in massive loss of face for Thailand tourism and even their international reputation politically.

It seems truth is balancing on a knife edge here - on wonders which way the Thai authorities will go. 


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Posted (edited)

"only in Thailand" - is a cliche normally used by those talking about road safety. In general, it largely reflects the user's lack of worldly experience.

However it is a double edged sword. There are certain aspects that whilst not being totally "unique" to Thailand are especially prevalent and are of some concern.

The ability of police to scientifically approach a crime and the dominance/interference of Sakdina are particularly Thai features that are not appreciated by many foreigners and also the nature and all-pervasiveness of corruption in the country.


It is also not a valid argument to suggest that because something similar happens elsewhere, it mitigates or justifies it happening in Thailand.


the cliche "Thai-bashing" is normally used by the under-informed who don't really have an argument but want to disagree anyway.

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