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Returning from the UK on Non "O" Visa

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I am on a Non Imm "O" Visa based on marriage with a yearly extension, reporting every 90 days.


Me, the wife and kids are thinking of having a holiday in the UK, not been since before Covid.


My questions are:


1. I need to get a "re-entry permit" from immigration before I leave? How long before I leave?

2. When I return do I need to get insurance cover?

3. Do I need to apply for a "Thai Pass"?


Just don't want to head off to the UK, only to find I can't get back into Thailand, where we live!

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1)  Yes, any time before you leave from your local immigration or at the airport.

2 & 3)  Currently yes, but that could change soon.

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OP, you require 10k covid insurance. Suggest buy cheap cover for 30 days.


Your reentry permit can be purchased from immigration anytime or at airport at departure. 

You fill in a TM8 form. It requires a photo.

Cost 1000 baht single and 3800 baht multiple. 


You require Thailand Pass.

You require vaccination certificate to show that you are fully vaccinated. 








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3 hours ago, CartagenaWarlock said:

Why do you think you don't need a reentry permit

He doesn't . He asked how long before he leaves does he need to get it.

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You seem to have the answers you need. Just a word to the wise. Is your wife Thai and will she be applying for a UK Standard Family Visit Visa. If so be aware that there is a very long wait to get a visa at the moment, due to increased travelling, The Ukraine crisis and low staff levels. They are qoting a minimum of 6 weeks and my wife who is a member of a Thai facebook group has heard about people waiting much longer.

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