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Under Consideration Stamp - Lak Si

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Just finished up at Lak Si, but I got hit with the dreaded "Under Consideration" stamp. I have a couple questions'


Is EVERYONE doing the covid thing getting the under Consideration stamp, or is it just certain passports / people? I guess it's fine if everyone has it too, I just want to know if only some people are getting hit with it.

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Only handsome tall farangs get the under consideration stamp.


I guess it depends on if a high ranking IO is in the office at the day you apply. If available he will sign it off directly, if not you get the under consideration stamp.

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Some immigration offices give the 60 straight away.

CW is now giving under consideration period.

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4 hours ago, ArtVandelay said:

Looks like they're still giving out the covid extension "under consideration" stamp (today for me, June 27) at Lak Si.    Any theories on why?   I can't figure it out.     

It is simple enough. A Covid extension must be signed off by a high ranking officer. If there is an official of a high enough rank at the office who agrees to be continually available to sign off on the extensions, then they will be issued directly. If not, the applications are placed in a heap for signing off at either that office, or elsewhere, when there is an official who decides to do the sign offs.

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1 hour ago, DrJack54 said:

Strange how if you use an agent there is no under consideration period. 

I assume your post is meant sarcastically. It is, of course, not strange at all that an official getting special compensation for signing off on an application should be more available than  when no such inducement is offered.

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